A fine classical guitarist

Sergio is a classical guitarist with an extended career both playing and teaching. His performances have been praised by musicians and critics around the world.

The guitar as a passion

His recordings for different labels are distributed worldwide.


Alan Broadbent (US)

Alan Broadbent (US)

Diablada Variations, for solo guitar (written for Sergio Puccini) future recording and premiere.

Oliver Davis (UK)

Oliver Davis (UK)

Guitar Concerto (written for Sergio Puccini) recording with Budapest Symphony Orchestra.

“I  love Sergio’s version of ‘A Leaf’.  It adapts to guitar surprisingly well and I like it.  Please thank Sergio if you are talking to him and tell him I thought he played it really well…”


  Paul McCartney commenting to David Kahne.-

“A fantastic guitarist”  


 (international great violinist Alberto Lysy).-

“I want to thank Sergio Puccini for having included my music in his repertoire.  My music is not so difficult to play but the most important are the accents and the flavor..Mr Puccini got them and that maks me very happy! This is the music from Buenos Aires! Argentinian music to the world! Forza Puccini!!!”


Astor Piazzolla, Buenos Aires 1989.-

“I was very impressed with your playing of my Guitar Concerto. What is very striking about your playing is your sensitivity and musicality besides the command of the instrument…My congratulations once again”


  Lalo Schifrin.-

“Dear Sergio:  I have to deeply thank you for the performance of my Concierto Aguediano besides of this beautiful tribute that you dedicated to me and my music. Your vision of my work fits exactly with mine.  With a big hug!!”


  Antón García Abril (spanish composer), Rosario Sep. 2000.-

“I’m thrilled that a musician of the stature of Sergio Puccini will be playing a piece that has a especial,  emotional meaning to me…”



Elmer Bernstein  (US film composer), Los Angeles Oct. 2002.-

“I am dictating this letter to you in English, please forgive me, but the message is very important.  I always have great memories of our collaboration.  I will never forget your conducting of my Guitar Concierto at The Luna Park.  Coincidentally, I would like to recommend that you do the same for an incredible Argentinean guitar player from Rosario, Sergio Puccini.  I am sure that it is possible for you to get back the score and the parts of the piece for such a performance. Sergio Puccini has recorded some of my guitar pieces and they are impeccable.  He could provide you with the recordings of Romerias.  I hope that all has been well for you over the years.  Please accept my warmest regards”


  Lalo Schifrin to Pedro Ignacio Calderón (Conductor of the Buenos Aires Philharmonic Orchestra).-